About our company

Altay honey is a unique natural product, which has become a recognized brand not only in Russia but also far beyond its borders.

Working on honey market since 2008 our company makes it possible to touch the part of nature of Altay, to feel the amazing healing properties of honey and excellent taste qualities of different varieties of honey not only to residents of our country from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, but also abroad.

We are pleased to offer our customers a wide range of packaged and sold by weight honey, products of apiculture, wax candles, wooden casks of our own production, and also new products of our company - herbal teas. Various compositions of plants collected onscopes of Altayterritory and Altay Mountains satisfy by its taste and aroma any gourmet. Altay herbs, about healing properties of which legends are composed, will help you to strengthen your health and find peace of mind.

We try to bring you a high quality product with its unique natural properties. To accomplish this task our company has everything required, and it is:

  • own apiaries on the territory of Altay and long-term supply contracts with major honey bee farms of Altai Mountains and Altai Territory, which provides stability in supply of quality products
  • modern equipment for prepacking and packaging of our products
  • strict control of production processes
  • each batch of our products is tested in the regional research laboratory for compliance with GOST and quality of honey.

Our company is focused on long-term and effective cooperation, offering our clients favorable business conditions, individual approach and trusted partnerships.

Special offers

Production of wooden casks with your logotype!