In range of our company there is a new product: honey with goji berry, with cedar sap and with cashew nut!



We are glad to offer you beeswax packed in amounts 30 g and 60 g and sold by weight in amount of 1 kg.


Dear partners! We are glad to offer you that now we a have mummy in range of our shop!


Special offers

Production of wooden casks with your logotype!

Our own apiary

It let us at early stage to control the quality of honey and get natural honey without any additives!

Modern import equipment

We use modern import equipment for prepacking and packaging of our honey.

Quality of honey

Each batch of our products is tested in the Regional Research Laboratory for compliance with GOST and quality of honey.

Ecologically clean packaging

It saves the always fresh and unique taste of Altay honey, which has long been famous for its healing properties.

Supply of Altay honey

It is possible to order any varietal, including monofleur honey from Altai.